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Let's Work together to make East Anchorage a safer, more prosperous community.


Proven Leadership for East Anchorage

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I really do love Alaska.  As a lifelong Alaskan, it has been a great honor to serve as the representative of our neighbors and friends in District 27. I have had the great privilege to represent the area I have lived in my whole life and look forward to continuing to work for you in Juneau. 

Following high school I stayed in Alaska and attended UAA, where I worked my way through college.  Following college, I worked multiple jobs at a time including for a Fortune 500 company.  Marriage followed a year later by our first child created a necessity to work hard to make ends meet.   This drive to succeed allowed fortunately gave me the chance to gain skills in managing and leading people.  Because of my hard work, advancement came quickly at that company and in turn I and ended up moving to another large company as a general manager in transportation and logistics.  During that time, I decided to continue my education and earned my MBA before wanting to get involved in the direction of our state.  My private sector experience coupled with my young family and their future in this state, has given me the drive and knowledge to represent the best interests of Alaskans.

We have many important issues facing our state and my experience in business, school, and now as your representative for 8 years has prepared me to be able to tackle these complex issues.  I plan on continuing the fight for our future.

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Lance on the Issues

Alaska can live up to it's potential. We have work to do, but I'm confident that we'll get through it together. 

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