Crime in Anchorage is on the rise and our East Anchorage community has experienced this firsthand with increasing numbers of homicides, burglaries, robberies and other safety concerns. 

Lance has worked alongside community council members and public safety officials to work on ways to make neighborhoods safer. There is not a quick fix or one solution to fixing this problem in our city, but Lance is focused on working together to get our state back on track and have safe neighborhoods.

In 2016, SB 91 passed the legislature and made large scale changes to our criminal justice laws. Lance fought against this bill from the beginning and encouraged his colleagues to not balance the ideas that may work in a few other states on the backs of Alaskans. He worked alongside victim's rights groups to reverse some of the most dangerous aspects of this legislation and was able to get a few amendments passed that provided some safeguards for victims and ensured they had a voice in the process. 

SB 54 was introduced in 2017 as a ’fix-it’ bill to SB 91.  While SB 54 does not go far enough in fixing the problems created through SB 91, it did make a few significant changes. One amendment Lance supported was for a full repeal of SB 91 which unfortunately failed to get the votes to pass. During the SB 54 debates, Lance continued to fight for the rights of victims, home owners, and small business owners.  Lance was able to fight and pass a few amendments including lowering the threshold for felony theft and an amendment requiring sex offenders and domestic violence offenders to complete treatment before being released based on good time credits.  He fought for other amendments as well including increasing the punishments for theft offenses and an amendment which would have re-criminalized driving offenses of driving while a license is revoked or suspended.   

Lance stood up for Alaskans and knows that the system we have needs significant improvements, especially in this fiscal climate, but change is better done in steps and by carefully weighing the merits of each proposal, not by sacrificing the safety of our community.

Lance will continue to keep public safety his priority and work to keep our East Anchorage neighborhoods safe.