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Jobs and the Economy

A strong economy starts with great jobs.

• Lance Pruitt has supported legislative efforts to provide tax reform, lower taxes on our small businesses and their employees, and ensure that Alaska has an overall welcome business environment.

• Alaska has one of the strictest and most costly regulatory environments in the country. Over burdensome regulations can strangle small business and the potential for economic growth while increasing the cost of government.  Excessive regulation can limit individual effort and discourage the private sector from expansion. In government the mistake is often made to judge regulations by their intentions rather than their results. Recognizing change would not occur administratively, Lance Pruitt introduced legislation that worked to scale back the speed that new regulations are put in place.  The ‘One in One Out’ bill set up a system that for every new regulation put in place, one regulation had to be taken out.  This is one common sense solution to stem the growth of regulations and create an Alaskan economy friendlier to job growth.

• For those coming out of the military, Lance co-sponsored legislation intended to streamline the transition into the private sector by allowing military service to count towards professional licenses and educational credits.

• Lance has been vocal in his efforts to eliminate the barriers of bureaucracy that hamper development.

• He has been outspoken and willing to take on the Feds as they prevent Alaskans from being able to manage our resources responsibly, which in turn provides for well-paying stable jobs for our fellow citizens.

Alaska has a great future ahead and Lance wants to make sure we have the jobs available for our citizens.