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Lance is committed to an open, transparent public process to explore the options to help in the fiscal climate Alaska is currently facing.  During a time of political partisanship, Lance reaches across the aisle and works to find the best solution -- not the most convenient one.

Alaskans have benefitted from the Permanent Fund Dividend for decades and Lance is committed to protecting your PFD.  Some believe we need to raid the permanent fund immediately to start using its earnings on government spending. But as every household that has gone through tough financial times knows, when your income is cut in half you do not pick up a second job and continue spending as usual. Despite cutting over $1.4 billion, many areas of the budget remain unscathed during this fiscal crisis and some have even increased despite attempts at reforms. Keeping spending levels where they are alongside a rising level of inflation will leave us right back where we started in the not too distant future, looking for more revenue.

By working together, Lance believes Alaska will rise to meet the challenge and overcome the obstacles laid before us.