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When Lance Pruitt entered office many East Anchorage roads had been in a dramatic state of disrepair, but thanks to the priority Lance has placed on roads and drainage in our community, they are improving. Lance will continue to work for you and continue the effort of improving East Anchorage roads.

● Lance made East Anchorage roads one of his priorities and over the last eight years has been able to make great improvements.  He has worked alongside the Municipality and Community Councils to bring focus to the road improvement needs of our community.

● Many projects were not even on the table until Lance entered office and listened to the needs of his district. Many roads in our district have been improved and there are others scheduled for upgrades because of the awareness and funding Lance has secured for our roads.  Roads like Baxter, E. 17th Avenue, Hampton, 32nd Avenue, Cherry Street, Pioneer, Campbell Airstrip Road, Muldoon Glenn Highway Overpass are just a few of the many roads that have been improved.

● There is more work to be done in East Anchorage on our roads, including the large project of the Pleasant Valley Subdivision.  Funding was secured for the design phase of this project during Lance’s time in office and the initial project funding was in a bond package.  We are seeing construction begin now on this much needed project. While the entire project is not fully funded, projects like this have moved forward by Lance partnering with the Municipality and neighbors in this area and bringing this project to the forefront.